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What Mysteries Lie Beneath the Surface of the Scriptures?


Could the messages that are woven throughout the Bible be unraveled? Are there "mystical messages" that only students of the Bible can see or read? Or are they for everyone to see? In these four sessions, many of the fingerprints of God, evidenced throughout the Bible, will be revealed. You will NEVER see the scriptures in the same way again.

The Authentication


God’s Word

Seminar Presenter and Author

Marc Knutson

Marc has earned his Master’s Degree in Communications (Gonzaga University), and a Bachelor’s in Management and Communications (Corban University). He has been involved in ministry for over 30 years, ten of those years as a Senior Pastor. His passion for the Word is as evident as it is effusive. Marc is also a published author of the Historical/Fiction Novel “Embedded”

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