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The Signet Series: Discoveries within God’s Word

Throughout the Bible, we find the fingerprints of a Supernatural message system.  Numerous design features in the Biblical text defy coincidence and demonstrate that the Bible, which consists of 66 books; penned by 40 authors, spanning thousands of years, is a designed and INTEGRATED message system.  

Bible Study is much like a Robert Wyland painting – There appears to be much to see on the surface, but there is so much more depth beneath the surface . . . The Word is teeming with fun stuff!


----Genesis 22 - Signet Series

In Genesis 22 & 24 [and subtly in 23] We see the hidden message of redemption, the Trinity and the Gospel message.


----Genesis 24 - Signet Series

… Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem …

“ they will not leave you one stone standing upon another  - all because you did not know when God Himself was visiting you ! “  


----70 Weeks - Signet Series

Let’s Talk about Ruth

-It is considered fine literature, a must read for some college classes. 

-It is considered to be a classic Love Story; some say it’s TWO Love Stories in ONE … that will be obvious…  BUT: my suggestion - That there are THREE love stories in ONE . . .


----RUTH - Signet Series

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